ARLC2018 - Hard discounters: Underestimate at your own peril

A combination of high quality products and low prices have beaten Walmart twice; hard discounters are coming for Asia.

ARLC2018 - Intellectual Property, Innovation and the Retail Industry

Think ahead to protect your intellectual property, and leverage on it to deliver customer value.

Case Study Summary: Dressing Up the App to Engage Customers

Zalora was first launched in Australia in September 2011, and six months later in eight other countries in Southeast Asia. By end 2015, it had become the fastest growing online fashion retailer in Asia with three million unique customers, selling over 30,000 products under approximately 500 international and local brands.

Case Summary: Paris Baguette - Quintessentially French with love from Korea

Paris Baguette had just been declared the winner at the Coupe du Monde de Boulangerie, touted as the most prestigious baking competition in the world held each year in Paris. It started operations in 1945 with a small bakery in North Korea. From those modest beginnings, the chain had grown steadily, and by 2014, it boasted of more than 3200 outlets in South Korea and another 200 plus outlets across China, USA and Southeast Asia to become a truly global premium bakery brand.

Case Summary: Tiffany & Co: Omni-Channel Strategy for the Asian Luxury Consumer

Tiffany maintained a strong online presence across the globe but only offered e-commerce solutions in a few select markets. Consumers were using multiple devices and channels for different purposes during their shopping journey from browsing to post purchase. And irrespective of the platform being used, they expected the same rich experience associated with luxury brands, demanding consistency in the services offered and reliability in the information provided.

Case Summary: ZARA in China and India

Zara is possibly the most innovative and devastating retailer in the world, said Daniel Piette, Chairman of LVMH Investment Funds. Its atypical tactics of no advertising, high impact stores, frequent introduction of new collections, just in time inventory, and close monitoring of consumers’ buying preferences had led the company to develop what was dubbed as “fast fashion” in the apparel industry.

Case Summary: DFS - Insuring Customer Service Excellence Through E-Learning

In early January 2017, Vanessa Teo, Director of Global Learning and Talent Development at the DFS Group, is outlining the airport retailer’s e-learning strategy. Later that month she will be traveling from Singapore to the company’s headquarters in Hong Kong to pitch the strategy to her counterparts in HR, finance and operations.