Asian Retail Leaders Programme (ARLP)

About the Asian Retail Leaders Programme (ARLP)

The proliferation of digital media technologies has changed the global retail landscape, especially with the rise of e-commerce platforms that offer convenience, varied product offerings and wallet-friendly prices for consumers. With an increasingly dynamic omni-channel environment and a focus on offline to online (O2O) commerce and strategies, how can retailers adapt and thrive through digital innovation and delivering value for customers?

Be a part of the inaugural Asian Retail Leaders Programme, a 4 day retail leadership programme organised by the Singapore Management University (SMU) in collaboration with Yonsei University, and discover how to take charge and lead the change in retail today, for tomorrow, through a series of interactive and immersive learning sessions with leading faculty members and on-site visits in Seoul.

Programme timeline:

6 - 7 September - Singapore (Singapore Management University)

4 - 5 October - Seoul (Yonsei University, various locations)

Programme Highlights

The Singapore Track

6 - 7 September 2018

Singapore Management University

Singapore Management University

Lee Kong Chian School of Business

Lee Kong Chian School of Business

Day 1


Drawing on real-life cases and best practices of retailers in an Omni-channel world, the session will focus on sharing with retail managers a framework for understanding customer value.

Day 2


The final session will focus on closely examining the evolution of two highly successful retail firms with a global footprint and the current challenges they face, as well as the private label phenomenon.

More details on the modules can be found in our ARLP brochure, accessible upon registering your interest.

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The Seoul Track

4 - 5 October 2018

Yonsei University

Yonsei University

Gentle Monster

Gentle Monster

Gangnam GU

Gangnam GU

Hyundai Mall

The Hyundai


Starfield Library



In collaboration with Yonsei University, one of the top premier universities in Korea, participants in the Asian Retail Leaders Programme can expect a comprehensive range of activities to maximise learning and facilitate knowledge sharing and discussions.

With South Korea considered a must visit destination for digital retail (see McKinsey Consulting)* and widely considered as the global leader in digital connectivity (see Euromonitor)**, the Seoul leg of the ARLP offers participants a new, yet familiar perspective in retailing, through their first hand experiences in Seoul as they visit various retail brand outlets in Seoul. Participants will thus be able to draw key learning points from these retailers and incorporate them for their own purposes.

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** Source -

More details on the programme can be found in our ARLP brochure, accessible upon registering your interest.

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Programme Faculty

Singapore (6 - 7 September 2018)

Nirmalya KUMAR

Professor of Marketing

Ph.D. (Marketing), Northwestern University

Kapil T

Kapil R. TULI

Professor of Marketing

Ph.D. (Marketing), Emory University

Seoul (4 - 5 October 2018)

Chang Dae Ryun

Professor of Marketing, School of Business, Yonsei University

D.B.A. Harvard University

HAN Jin-Kyung

Professor of Marketing

Ph.D. (Marketing), Columbia University

More details on the speakers can be found in our ARLP brochure, available upon registering your interest.

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Who should apply?

The ARLP is designed for mid-level managers to senior-level (C-suite) executives within the retail sector.

To maximise learning and sharing, only 20 spots for the ARLP will be available to ensure high participant-to-speaker ratio. Participants will take part in group discussions and activities, as well as on-site visits and case study discussions - all of which will be critical to the learning process.

How to apply?

Programme fees

  • The fee is S$12,000 (before GST) per participant.
  • Fee for Singapore citizens, who are employees of retail companies and institutions and are sponsored by their organisations, is $6,000 (before GST) per participant.
  • Organisations that send 3 or more eligible employees (Singapore Citizens/PR) for the ARLP can enjoy a 15% discount off the programme fee.

Fees include:

  • 2 Day lectures organised locally at SMU
  • 2 Day immersion programme in Seoul, Korea, excluding 2 days for arrival and departure
  • Covers room booking, boarding, retail site visits in Korea and teachings

* All details of the programme are correct at the time of printing. SMU, RCoE and Yonsei University reserve the right to cancel or postpone the programme, change the venue or any of the other details published.